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DUE TO THE RESTRICTIONS enforced as a result of Corona virus & following government recommendations, we are obliged to suspend our concerts and close the guitar shop until the 1/4/20. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. Please contact us at info@rondaguitarhouse.com. DEBIDO A LAS RESTRICCIONES impuestas como resultado del Corona virus y siguiendo las recomendaciones del gobierno, estamos obligados a suspender nuestros conciertos y cerrar la tienda de guitarras hasta el 1/4/20. Lamentamos cualquier molestia causada. Por favor contáctenos en info@rondaguitarhouse.com.

Guitars - José Antonio Lagunar

José Antonio Lagunar was born into the world of guitar making. His uncle Alfredo Contreras, first officer of the renown Contreras House started by giving him small jobs and self-confidence. The Contreras guitar workshop in Madrid is one the most prestigious and recognised guitar brands in the world.

He continued enriching his knowledge and acquiring the secrets of the construction of the guitar with Manuel Contreras and later as the first official of the house with Pablo Contreras. In 2015, Jose decided it was time to create his own brand with his own ideas and innovations. Jose continues the tradition and produces guitars of the highest quality from his workshop in Madrid

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