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Guitars - Carmelo González

Carmelo González was born in Ronda. His curiosity for constructing began at an early age because there was a wood workshop at home. He began to create his own toys, when one day he decided to try his hand at making a violin. The finished violin was not great, yet the experience had left him in awe, Carmelo was twelve or thirteen at the time.

A year later he decided to build a guitar. He let his intuition guide him in the choice of wood and using another guitar as a model, he constructed his first guitar, although not perfect, he was excited enough to improve and start work on the second.

From this early determination, it is easy to see how Carmelo, through a lifetime of guitar making, is proud to have his guitars being played in homes from throughout Europe and America. Today, Carmelo is retired from his guitar making but is keen to pass on his knowledge to young artisans and ignite in them the beauty of this craft.

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